Bren Price


About her work, Bren reflects, “For me, the freedom of going into another realm where there are no rules, no boundaries, just that oneness of being in process with creating, is what being an artist is about. . . I want viewers to become such a part of my work that they are filled with questions, not answers; that they must interpret what is there, and that they will find something in my work that is theirs alone – a journey of discovery.”

Samurai Warrior 30" x 22"All of the work by Bren Price throughout Touchstone is for sale, generally priced as $5 per square inch plus framing, taxes, shipping and processing fees. Published paintings are more depending on age and Publication – standard sized paintings from her book, Inside the Wind, start at $10,000. She has been painting from an early age and continues to develop – “diversity is my style.” Bren paints in many mediums but for the most part, her work is done in watercolor and is expressionistic in nature. Sometimes her work is straightforward in its meaning and other times it is like a riddle unfolded for the viewer.

The Samurai image represents her ‘Discovery Style’ of painting which brings out the innermost essence of being at one with the process of painting. Paintings online carry an embedded watermark for copyright purposes which does not appear on the original.

A painted vase with whimsical green frog, a lady with feathered headdress, exploding golden flowers, and cobalt blue ribbon festooning a glorious dance of shapes is representative of Bren’s expressionistic attitude and can-do alacrity. Her works bring an uplifting joy to the viewer.

Blue White Hearts Lapis Clasp

Bren has collected beads from all over the world which she has styled into elegant and sophisticated adornment for the soul. Choose a Special Piece for yourself or gift to someone you love from her one of a kind collection!

Mask Making WorkshopWorking with Students of All Ages in Many Different Mediums Maintains Interest in our Workshops and Keeps People coming back to Touchstone Year after Year!

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