Claudette DESTROYED - PRINTS AVAILABLE The-Band-Played-Like-A-Jungle Spirit-of-Harmony Frida-Jungle Frida-With-Petals Saddle-Martinez-Hacienda Ranchos-Church Pedranal Beneath-the-Cross Tierra Amarillo Pilar Canyon Rio Grande San Diego Tower Bali Girl on the Beach Watercolor, Art Show San Diego Acrylic on Board 24 x 48, Blue Cactus Bermuda Jazz Fest Night Bermuda Jazz Fest Nautilus Shell Sea Urchin Metamorphosis of Pisces_ Filling the page is a closeup of a ram skull angled across a ground of black, burnt sienna, vermilion, horizontal and angled white lines with black silhouette of a mountain range in the background in front of a mauve sky holding zigzag and Anasazi symbols under a large orange and gold sun occupying the whole upper the right corner with orange lines and shapes radiating outwardly. Bear, snake, turtle, turkey, owl, and others form a halo around colorful Kachina Spirit banded with purple, turquoise, black, gold, olive,, red,blue and olive again. slapped across the foreground are blue O, red X and black V, highlighting a floating red phoenix. A red delicious apple towers above other fruits, two green apples, a yellow pear, and a vermilion tomato placed at different levels atop a draped white cloth against a vertically graded from left to right background of French ultramarine blue.

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